The London Winter Run

News flash: I’m running the London Winter Run!

After running the London Marathon earlier this year, I sort of fell into an unintentional running detox. Running 26.2 miles was the most painful thing I’ve EVER done. I’d had a recurring knee injury which got increasingly worse in the lead up to the race and by mile 13, I had to dig somewhere incredibly deep inside myself to get through another 13 miles of ridiculous discomfort.

They say running a race like that is mind over matter and I completely agree. If I hadn’t had an personal emotional reason behind that race – and got £2,000 out of my amazing friends, family and colleagues who sponsored me – I may well have flopped to the side of the road and given up. (If you want to read about my marathon story, head over to my running blog here). But reaching the finish line and knowing I’d completed it after 6 months of training was so worth it. It’s just I barely ran again after that (save a few half-hearted trots on the treadmill).

So…. after seven months of wanting to do anything BUT run, it seems kind of crazy that I’ve signed up for another race. But when the team behind the London Winter Run contacted me to see if I would like to take part, it seemed like a difficult one to turn down. (Plus the distance is a much tamer 10K).

London Winter Run

Photo by Matt Alexander/Human Race

The London Winter Run takes place on closed roads across Central London on 1st February 2015. It starts and ends in Westminster and takes a riverside route down to Tower Bridge and back.

What makes the London Winter Run quite special is.. it’s winter themed! So as we trot around the course, we’ll encounter all sorts of snow zones and ice caves. Then at the finish line, we’ll be greeted with ‘polar bear hugs’. It all just sounds rather fun.

Jo Pavey

Plus, it’s being kicked off by Olympic runner Jo Pavey which is a little bit exciting. And it is of course, all in aid of Cancer Research. So it’s a fantastic race to get involved with, if you’re thinking of signing up.

The other reason I am very keen to get involved in a race this winter is because as a freelance food and travel journalist, you tend to do an awful lot of this…


…and not so much of this…

Oh So London fitness

So to help me beat the freelancers’ bulge and stay fit throughout the winter, here’s to getting back on the road, rebuilding my relationship with my MapMyRun app and getting as fit as possible for the Cancer Research London Winter Run. As my first post-marathon race, it’s going to be tough trying to stay fit throughout the season of freezing weather and dark nights… but you know what, I’m kind of looking forward to it.

London Winter Run

See you on February 1st fellow runners! Now, where are those dusty trainers…

Until next time x

Find out more about the London Winter Run at  @WinterrunUK

For more information about Cancer Research, go to: @CR_UK

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