Getting fit on the London Eye

There’s a first for everything in London and I can’t say I’ve done a fitness class on the London Eye before. Well that was before Monday morning when I met some fellow runners who are training for the Cancer Research London Winter Run taking place in February.

It was chilly, it was early and I had the cold for the umpteenth time this year. But I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to do a fitness class on the London Eye. ON THE LONDON EYE!!

London Eye Oh So London

As we entered the pod wearing our gym kit we got some dodgy looks from the tourists. It smelt ever so minty inside (perhaps they’d sprayed it in preparation for us sweating, er I mean perspiring during our exercise sesh) but we felt rather special because we got the special winter pod which is all ‘icy’ inside.

The class was led by Elle, who you can find blogging on Keep it Simpelle (you can also read her post about our London Eye fitness class here) and she is the official fitness expert for the CRUK London Winter Run.

She’s also a qualified personal trainer and group exercise instructor and boy did she work us hard.
We did lunges, squats, push ups off the platform in the middle of the pod and all sorts of stretches off the rails.

London Winter run exercise class

London Winter Run exercise class

exercise class

Yes, I felt the burn… (while Elle barely broke into a sweat I’m sure..)

Keep it Simpelle

All between admiring the views and taking lots of pictures of course.

London Eye

All in all, it was a fantastic class and brilliant fun.

CRUK London Winter Run girls

Lisa, me, Ellie, Elle, Leah & Monica

The other girls carried on the training with a 2.5K metre run around the streets. I, shamefully headed home (I had a deadline and was by then, well and truly feeling like my cold had kicked in). But I’m very glad I took part.

Thank you to Elle and the PR team behind the London Winter Run for inviting me along. Now I’ve just got to put in the training…

Until next time x