Cocoa infused cocktails at Rabot 1745

The restaurant known as Rabot 1745 in London’s lively Borough Market was unknown to me until I visited St Lucia this year. Why? Because the restaurant is owned by Hotel Chocolat and gets its chocolate from the Rabot Estate in St Lucia where I visited just a couple of months back.

Ever since I made the journey over to St Lucia, I’ve taken a more educated interest in chocolate. I’ve been eating it in the form of sugar-filled Quality Street and Roses over Christmas. But head over to the lush rainforests that surround the fishing town of Soufriere in the south of St Lucia, and the Rabot Estate will introduce you to the science behind cacao cultivation and the chocolate we rarely see in it purest form.

I’m going to tell you all about my Tree-to-Bar cacao experience at Rabot in another post, but right now, I’ll share with you the aftermath, when I discovered the cacao-infused cocktails at Rabot 1745.

I was visiting the restaurant as part of a piece I was writing for the MasterCard Love this City blog and here I’ll give you the low down on two of the best boozy and chocolatey delights that we tried.

Gin Martini

gin martini Rabot 1745

You’re not going to get a big chocolate kick if you order the gin martini. Instead you are going to get a gorgeous glass of sharp citrus notes with an ever-so-subtle cacao blend. That’s because the gin here is made from cacao shells, macadamia nuts and coriander which give it a smooth and nutty quality. This cocktail is blended with curaçao too. It was super strong and not for the faint-hearted, but I honestly couldn’t get enough of its smooth flavours.

The Praline Soother

Praline soother

You’ll see I’d already sipped about a third of this cocktail before I got a snap of it because it was so god damn good. This is more of what you’d call a chocolate cocktail rather than a cacao cocktail. That’s because it has a splodge of melted milk chocolate on the rim for you to drink the liquid through, and the cocktail itself tastes just like a liquidised Milky Bar, yet with a boozy kick.

White chocolate, hazelnut liqueur and vodka is just about as indulgent as it gets. And I dread to think of the calorie content of the praline soother. But I reckon you should pop by and try it out. We’ve still time before the New Year health kick officially starts, right?

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Oh So London was invited to Rabot 1745 as part of a review. All views are my own.

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