I’m going to St Kitts

Last week I packed away the suitcases of summer clothes, sandals, sarongs and binned all those bikinis that were looking a bit frayed around the edges. I then neatly rearranged my woolly jumpers, leggings and jeans and stood back looking at my winter wardrobe quite proudly. I was well and truly ready to brace the season of drizzle, snow and freezing weather with my warmer attire.

A few days later an email dropped into my inbox, subject line: St Kitts. Just days after officially waving goodbye to my summer dresses for another six months, I was being invited on a press trip to the Caribbean. Oh my word.

It still hasn’t quite sunk in but a week today I’ll be flying to the island of St Kitts with the St Kitts Tourism Authority and I’ll be writing for a fantastic new weddings and honeymoon magazine set to launch in the new year.

It will be the third time I’ve been to the Caribbean in 2014 and the fourth time in 12 months. I’ve been passionate about the Caribbean ever since I first visited Barbados for a newspaper in 2009 and I love it more and more every time I return.

We’ll be staying at The St Kitts Marriot Resort and the Royal Beach Casino and while we’re there, we will have the option of doing a variety of activities from zip lining and watersports to visiting various heritage points and luxury spas. We might even get to hop over to the island of Nevis.

To say I’m excited to be returning to the Caribbean – and even better, exploring an island I haven’t yet been to – is an understatement.

And I’m hoping I’ll be enjoying a lot of lovely views like this….

Caribbean oh So London

Until next time x