OSL Travel: Paris in pictures

My love of photography is probably greater than my ability. But I’ve captured some great moments during my travels. One place which offers up some absolutely amazing photography opportunities is Paris. Beautiful architecture meets iconic cityscapes and sumptuous food markets filled with fresh produce meet traditional boulangeries.

I was so pleased with some of my Paris photography that a collection of it has made it onto my walls at home. Ok, I’ve done some touch ups here and there and had a little help from my old friend Instagram but these are only testament to how much you can enhance your photography with very little effort using some brilliant apps.

The best apps I can recommend are Camera 360, Camera+ and of course instagram.

Here are some of my favourite shots.

Lady with her dog outside a boulangerie

I don’t normally photograph people but I felt compelled to photograph this lady. I loved her red hair, her quirky but elegant dress sense and her big furry coat to match her canine friend. The fact that she’s peering in at all the amazing bread and fresh deli food made me wonder what it’s like to live in Paris. I know you always think of the romanticised side of it but if it means you grow old and elegant like this lady, I’m there.

lady outside bakery in St Germain Paris - Oh So London

Love Lock Bridge. 

I was absolutely amazed by this bridge. You may have read in the news earlier this year that part of it actually collapsed due to the weight of all the locks. This picture shows a mere portion of the bridge that is covered in padlocks and souvenirs of all shapes, colours and sizes. But when you see the whole thing you’ll be amazed at how many there are. It’s no wonder all that love caused it to collapse.

Love Lock Bridge Oh So London

Paris Metro station sign

I know, I know, it’s a bit cliché but I just had to get a photo of a Paris metro sign. It’s quintessentially Paris. I’m a big fan of the iconic London tube sign but they’re just that bit more elegant here aren’t they? This was one begging for me to add an instagram filter on it. 

Parisien metro sign - Oh So London

Eiffel Tower

How can you be creative with one of Paris’ most photographed structures? Take a photo of part of it rather than its whole, that’s how. I got VERY carried away (as most visitors will) when I got to Le Tour Eiffel. There are so many different ways to photograph this impressive tower.

Eiffel Tower Oh So London

Le Jardin du Luxembourg

This park, also known as the Luxembourg Garden, was one of my favourite experiences in Paris. Luckily, the skies had cleared and it had warmed up a bit for our second day so we enjoyed a thoroughly gorgeous Sunday afternoon stroll through this stunning place. There’ll be more on Le Jardin du Luxembourg later, but this shot of a tree-lined path shows just a tiny portion of its beauty.

Jardin du Luxembourg Oh So London

The Moulin Rouge

Again, an iconic site in Paris. I’m sure Parisians are less excited by this giant windmill but I was more eager to see this than I first thought. Yes, its surrounded by some rather seedy sex shops but it’s a spectacle to see. And it is of course the birthplace of the modern can-can. I’d have loved to have booked in for a cabaret show but sadly we didn’t have the time. Instead I have this brilliantly colourful photo. Love.

Moulin Rouge Paris - Oh So London

View from Sacre-Coeur

You know when you get the travel buzz when you’re in a really special place? I got that at the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur – the elegant white church which dates back to the early 20th Century and sits high up on the hill in Monmartre. Yes, this area is teeming with tourists. But get past the crowds (or go early) and enjoy some stunning vistas across the city. I decided to focus the shot on the decorative iron railings to give an appreciation of how far the eye can see up here.

Monmartre Paris - Oh So London

Basilica of Sacre-Coeur

The actual basilica has many elements to it but it’s this shot you’ll see when you read about it. The church sits at the top of dozens of steps where swarms of tourists sit and gaze out at the view. Look back behind you and you can marvel at this architectural delight that was nearly 40 years in the making.

Sacre Coeur Paris Oh So London

Old Renault car

We were walking through the streets and this just happened to catch my eye. You’ll see many Renaults around Paris of course, but I love a vintage car photo. Especially when you put a sepia effect over the top.

old white Renault car Paris - Oh So London

Amelie’s cafe

Have you seen Amelie? This is Cafe des deux Moulin – the cafe that appeared in the film! It’s very retro. Very worn around the edges. Very French. And is teeming with both locals sipping coffee at the bar and tourists marvelling at the movie memorabilia. These lights made for some very fun colour-accent experiments, and quite a cool shot, I hope you’ll agree.

Amelie's cafe

Graffiti in Montmartre

Get past the chic cafes of Montmartre and you’ll see not all of this area is as polished as you think. In fact there’s an area as you descend down the steps that’s absolutely filled with graffiti. While we were there, a guy was creating this rather beguiling monkey. We couldn’t help stop and stare, and take dozens of snaps.

Graffiti in Montmartre Paris - Oh So London

Dog at Le Louvre

If you head to the Le Louvre you’ll find many a tourist standing on top of these pedestals, trying to get the ultimate shot of them ‘holding’ or doing some clever shot with the famous pyramid structure behind. This little dude was being photographed by his very proud owner with his skateboard propped up. I couldn’t help get a cheeky pic.

dog at Louvre Paris - Oh So London

Plenty more on Paris soon…

Until next time x

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