Celebrity Soups: Tideford Organics

I’ve been eating a lot of soup recently. Why? Because I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Tideford Organics’ new celebrity soup range. And they’ve been created in partnership with the rather famous chefs and restaurateurs Aldo Zilli, Mitch Tonks and Mark Hix.

It was a great opportunity to learn more about the Tideford group – a food company that’s passionate about products which are full of health and flavour but not full of additives. They’re also gluten and wheat free. And low in salt and fat. Bonus.

As it was hosted at Hix restaurant in Soho, I was uber excited to nosey at this restaurant. The event was held in ‘Mark’s Bar’ – a dimly-lit cocktail space in the basement of the restaurant that has a very speakeasy kind of feel. It’s where you’ll also find some very cool interiors. No, I couldn’t help but get some pics…

Hix restaurant soho

The upstairs dining area

Mark Hix restaurant Soho

You’ve got to love his style…

Sadly I didn’t get to see Mark himself but I did get a lovely selection of soups to take home and try for you, readers. (You’re welcome). I hate to say it but as it’s getting a little bit chillier outside, soup season is well and truly upon us. The pots are all microwaveable, making them very handy for the working week. And they’re all made in Tideford’s Soil Association-accredited kitchens in Totnes, Devon.

As for taste – here’s the lowdown on the three ‘celebrity soups’ by Mitch Tonks, Mark Hix and Aldo Zilli. I’ll also be adding some of Tideford’s winter range (once I’ve eaten them!) so look out for them soon…

Mark Hix soup

Mark Hix’s Organic Celeriac & Apple Soup

If you’re a fan of celeriac, you’ll like the pepperiness of Mark Hix’s soup. Although at first the blended consistency felt a little bit like eating baby food (I do prefer chunks in my soups), it was refreshing to try a soup that carried flavours far from the ordinary. The hint of apple was subtle but present enough to complement the slightly bitter flavours of the celeriac. And with just 17 calories per 100g, it’s a flavoursome but oh so healthy way to warm the cockles. It tasted incredibly healthy and is suitable for vegans too.



Aldo Zilli soup

Aldo Zilli’s Organic Tuscan Bean Soup

This ticks the box for those who like substance to their soup. You’ll get small chunks of vegetables and herbs in this one, plus of course chickpeas and haricot beans – meaning you’ll get a good boost of healthy protein which should fill you up for the afternoon. The flavour was nice and tomato-ey and the hint of rosemary gave it a lovely Tuscan flavour. Not bad at all. And if you’re not watching the calories, it’s brilliant with a big hunk of mediterranean bread and cheese. Yum.




MItch Tonks soup

Mitch Tonks’ West Country Haddock Chowder

This one was definitely my favourite. It was gorgeous and creamy with very subtle hints of smokey bacon, leek and delicious white chunks of haddock. The downside is this one contains the highest number of calories (83 per 100g). But with all that omega 3 you get from the fish, it’s a very healthy lunch option which could easily be enjoyed for dinner too. Enjoy with some nice fluffy bread or just on its own. Nice one Mitch.




Tideford OrganicsTideford Organic soups are available to buy in Selfridges, Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and Partridges among other retailers.

Tideford also make sauces, pestos, porridges and puddings. So check ’em out here.


Until next time x