Sweaty Betty & Sunday Times Style Hiitgirl class, Shoreditch

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If you read my last post about this, you’ll know I was one of the lucky winners of the Sweaty Betty & Sunday Times Style Hiitgirl class competition.

The prize was a 30 minute class with the founder of Hiitgirl – a new London workout phenomenon – who had partnered with fitness fashion brand Sweaty Betty to create the 30 Day Sweat Challenge.

In prep for the class, I browsed the Hiitgirl site so I knew it was going to be a tough workout that worked a range of muscle groups and caused you to sweat. A LOT. But I still wasn’t entirely sure what structure the class would take.

In anticipation of some serious hard work, I dropped by Shoreditch Grind for a caffeine fix. It was 11am on a Saturday morning. I’m usually still watching cookery programmes at that time of the day. 

While I was there, I spotted this picture  (right) on the front of the women’s loo. She looked about as bendy as I was feeling.

Coffee fixed up and raving to go, I headed to the studios on Curtain Road.

As we arrive, there was a gang of suitably sweaty and endorphin-radiating girls emerging from the building. My friend and I dropped off our bags, took off our shoes and waited for the class to start.

The lady who took the class was Hiitgirl founder Susan Dyson. From what I know, they have studios in Crouch End and Highgate and as many know, the High Intensity Workout is fast becoming the in vogue way to work out. It’s also been scientifically proven as being one of the most effective ways to burn fat, improve cardio fitness and strength. It’s known to make the body continue to burn calories long after you’ve finished exercising too.

The Hiitgirl class lasts 30 minutes and involves a series of 10 moves. Each move has three levels of difficulty. And we were taken through demonstrations of each one, to decide how hard we wanted to work.

Sweaty Betty class Shoreditch

 ‘If you’re out of breath and beginning to sweat, you’re at a 7, if you’re beginning to feel the burn you’re an 8, and if you’re feeling slightly unwell, you’re a 9’, Susan explained. 

In other words, as novices, we needed to be mindful of our abilities.

But she also said we needed to work hard.


sweaty betty Hiitgirl

From squats and leaps to high ‘starbursts’ and press-ups, the Hiitgirl class proved to be harder than I ever imagined. 

I consider myself to be quite cardio-fit. But when you’re using various muscle groups in a very fast and intense way, you’ll be surprised at the impact it has on your body.

Another girl who joined Susan in demonstrating the moves managed to make it look so easy. But soon the sweat was pouring and this was becoming one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever been known to do.

Detox kitchen London

There’s something to be said for High Intensity Workouts. I’ve always been the type to think I haven’t worked hard enough unless I’ve spent at least an hour in the gym.

But I won’t judge the ‘Hiit’ type of fitness followers from now on. Exercise can be done in many ways and this was a real eye opener for me.

I left the class absolutely exhausted but with endorphins absolutely whizzing   around my body. And I was aching A LOT for the next two days. But this  tasty pressed juice from the Detox Kitchen helped me rehydrate quite nicely  afterwards. 

Time will tell whether I make it to another Hiitgirl class. But one thing’s for sure, I’m pretty proud I made it to the end!

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