Hiitgirl Class with Sweaty Betty and Sunday Times Style

Sweaty Betty Hiitgirl

I was absolutely thrilled when this landed in my inbox. Yes, I’ve won a place at the Hiitgirl fitness class with Sunday Times Style and Sweaty Betty!

From what I understand, the Hiit fitness class offers a high intensity workout that aims to ‘blast fat’, build lean muscle, and above all, make you sweat!

As a keen yogi,  runner, and all-round fitness fan, I’m really excited about this class that’s happening in Shoreditch today. As part of the 30 Day Sweat Challenge, Sweaty Betty is offering all sorts of nutritional and wellbeing advice, from inspirational recipes to help you cut out sugar, to self-healing meditation exercises and free online workouts.

I adore Sweaty Betty as a brand and think their fantastic style really inspires you to work out and get fit.

I’ll be reporting back on everything that happened in today’s class so wish me luck – I have a feeling it’s going to be intense!

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Until next time x