Coffee at Shoreditch Grind

If you haven’t already been here, coffee lovers, here’s a little peak of the lovely coffee world of Shoreditch Grind.

The ‘Grind’ chain is fast making a name for itself. They’re popping up in Soho, Piccadilly and Holborn and they’re becoming the cool and edgy place to get your latte by day, and martini by night. 

Don’t quote me on the martini thing. But it’s true that by night, Shoreditch Grind will swap its baristas for mixologists, turn the lights down low and transform itself into an edgy East End bar that serves up a selection of cocktails – including coffee based ones, I hear.

Yep – coffee shops are cool. And this is one chain that’s starting to give regular bars and cafes a run for their money.

Shoreditch Grind LFW

I was at Shoreditch Grind at the weekend for a quick coffee fix before my Hiitgirl class. It was already bustling with people inside and out by 11am. And there was a nice mix of people mulling over the Saturday papers, others tapping away at their laptops and a few people enjoying the September sun outside on the benches. 

The first thing that’s cool here is the ever-changing old cinema-esque sign outside this place. Whether it’s the World Cup, or in this case, London Fashion Week, Shoreditch Grind will have something witty to say about it.


The next thing is its super edgy interiors. Low-hanging industrial lights, bare brick walls and rustic timber benches are found throughout their shops.

There are pastries, croissants and sweet treats galore. And the coffee is unbelievably good. I had a nosey at the bags and from what I remember it was a blend from Guatemala.

Shoreditch Grind pastries London

Shoreditch Grind pastries London

Shoreditch Grind interiors London

It was smooth, flavoursome and with a silky milk foam. The only criticism I’d have was that it took 5 or 10 minutes for them to make which feels like a lifetime for a girl who hasn’t yet had her morning caffeine fix.

Worth the wait? Yep, I’ll let them off seeing as though there was a Saturday morning rush. One very happy customer indeed. 

Shoreditch Grind is right next to the big roundabout at Old Street Station. So swing by next time you’re in the East end hood. Or pop into their Holborn or West End shops. Cool vibe and good coffee guaranteed.

Coffee in Shoreditch Grind

Shoreditch Grind


Shoreditch Grind, 213 Old Street, London, EC1V 9NR.