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Sitting for long hours at a desk hunched over a laptop, carrying bags that are almost half your body weight or holding too much stress in your shoulders and back. I’m guilty of all of these things. And if I had it my way, I’d go for a massage every week.

Not possible no, and when you are working on the rat race and juggling all sorts of life ‘stuff”, sometimes it’s hard to fit a massage or spa visit into our busy lives, even at the weekends.

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Claire and Charlie of Perfect 10

That’s why I have totally fallen for mobile beauty and spa services. At first I thought they seemed even more indulgent than going to a beauty salon – you know, someone coming to YOUR house and bringing a massage bed to set up in your living room. Then there’s the issue of kicking out the other half/unplugging the phone/making sure the washing machine isn’t on so you can recreate the calmness of a spa. I almost felt guilty for ordering such indulgences. But god, have I fallen for the amazing-ness of being pampered in your own home.

You might have read an earlier review of mine on Urban Retreat at Home which I was introduced to by Charlie McCorry. Since then, Charlie has left Urban Retreat to join forces with business partner Claire Aggarwal, who set up mobile beauty and spa service Perfect 10 in 2011. Perfect 10 offers everything from massages and facials to waxing and even 5-day detox packages – super indulgent programmes where you have everything from body brushing to food brought to your own home.

In anticipation of Charlie’s new venture, I booked in to have a full body massage with one of their therapists. My muscles were in need of a bit of TLC, so I was delighted when they could fit me in.

They just about get everything right. From the polite but cheery handshake at the door, to the efficiency in which they set up all the equipment. Within minutes, there were perfectly folded towels and blankets (including a heated one) creating a ‘cacoon’ for me to lie in on the massage bed. There was also an iPod set up playing some soothing music and an electric candle to set a relaxed mood. I also like to add my own comforts like my lavender oil burner and a few of my own candles too. That’s the nice thing about having a treatment in your own home.

Curtains drawn, phone on silent and mind switched off from the chores, I then sunk into the massage bed and my therapist, Jade, eased her body weight onto several areas of my back and my limbs to help me relax.

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Due to reoccurring aches and pains, she recommended the deep tissue massage which goes a bit deeper into the muscles than a regular massage and really works into those knots and build up of tension that we can all relate to.

What I liked about my Perfect 10 massage was the explanation Jade gave of the products she used and the way she checked that everything was ok – pressure, temperature, areas I wanted to focus on.

I also like the absolute zoning out this home beauty and spa service gives you. There’s no thinking about which tube/bus you’re going to have to take to get home, or dread of having to get dressed and ‘un-doing’ all the unwinding you’ve just done. Because once the treatment is finished, you can just pop your dressing gown and slippers on and chill with a cup of tea, without a worry in the world – because you’re in the cosiness of your home.

While Jade packed up as quickly as she had set everything up, I didn’t feel overly rushed to get up once the massage was over.  Completely chilled and really quite zoned out (Yes I did fall asleep), I put my feet up, and felt utterly healed.

Meanwhile, Jade left with a smile, hopped into her Perfect 10 Mini and headed off to her next appointment.

Are there any downsides? I guess the only slight ‘negative’ thing I would say about mobile beauty services is there is an inclination to feel like you’re the one doing the ‘hosting’ at first as you’re welcoming a stranger into your own home. But while it might feel strange at first, believe me, the apprehension is soon outbalanced by the friendliness and professionalism of the therapists.  And if you’re ever in the position where you have to organise a girly celebration or hen do, it’s a great way of surprising your friends with something a bit special. Equally, if you need a last minute manicure before a date or a spray tan before your hols, there really is something to be said about the convenience of it all.

So if you’re a mobile beauty and spa virgin, go on, give it a try.

Convenient? Tick. Friendly staff? Tick. Good quality treatments? Absolutely.

I think I’d give them the perfect 10…

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I received a complimentary massage with Perfect 10 as part of this review. All views are my own.


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