Last Minute Love – Kiss and Win A Trip To Paris

Eiffel Tower Flickr KimberlyKVA couple run towards each other across a railway platform. Flinging bags aside, they hold each other tightly in each other’s arms, and kiss, as the woman kicks her stiletto heel in the air. Cliche movie moment, maybe. But possibly among the most tear-jerking romance moments you’ll ever get. As for the destination, well, they’d be travelling to Paris of course – the  most romantic destination in the world.

For anyone who wishes to re-enact this type of old-school movie romance, you can. Because are running a competition on Valentines Day, which requires you to do exactly this in a competition dubbed ‘Kiss and Win’.

All you have to do, is spontaneously kiss your loved one by the Kissing Statue at St Pancras Station and you could be the proud owner of two Eurostar tickets to Paris. The rules? You must be kissing between the hours of 3.30 and 5.45pm. And you must have your passports and bags ready to go because you’ll be travelling that day!

What’s more, you get a glass of champagne at St Pancras station’s fabulous Grand Champagne Bar, return tickets on the Eurostar as mentioned, and one night’s stay at the devine 5* L’Hotel Collectionneur Arc de Triomphe or the Novotel Paris les Halles.

I think there are several ‘kissing phases’ so as far as I know there will be more than one winner.

I don’t normally write about this kind of thing but I couldn’t resist when I heard about it – it might be just an attempt at cheesy marketing, but it’s a pretty good one if you ask me.

So Londoners, who’s feeling lucky (and not at work at that time of day). Time to pack your bags and pull a sicky perhaps….? Pucker up!



Credit @photosteve101via Flickr

Credit @photosteve101via Flickr