Pretzels, Bread and Pastries: Fine Baking at Kamps Bäckerei

You can’t beat that experience when you walk into a patisserie and the waft of freshly baked pastries and bread floats through the air. And you can’t beat the taste for that matter. And while we Brits don’t do too badly at baking fresh loaves and croissants, our friends on the Continent are (arguably) slightly better in the bread baking department.

So a brunch visit to German bakery Kamps Bäckerei was a must. After recently opening at the Euston end of Tottenham Court Road, it’s fast becoming a hive for the busy office bees to swarm to over their lunch break. And after only a few weeks of opening, local office types are already tweeting about their growing addictions to its delicious cakes and loaves – and subsequently their growing concern for their expanding waistlines since it hit the West End. Good sign eh?

We headed down on a Saturday and intending to get there for a leisurely 12 o’clock, we ended up running a bit late. So by the time we arrived at around 1pm, we were starving, and oh so ready for all the cakes, bread and coffee we could get our hands on.

We met up with German-born Andreas Lesniewicz. After a long career in investment banking, Andreas saw a gap in the market for an authentic German bakery in London, so he set up Kamps Bäckerei – a franchise of a successful bakery in his home country.

Kamps Bäckerei London

While he admittedly thinks the London food scene is among the best in the world, he said they’ve tweaked the way they make their bread and cakes for we Brits.

For a start, would you believe it, the portions of the cakes are much smaller in London’s Kamps than they are in Germany. But if you take a look at our pics of the amazing patisserie selection on offer, you’ll see they’re not particularly small. And they look damn good.

With our eyes bulging out of our heads by the amazing selection of food on offer, we decided to start with one of their flatbreads. We had the Italian one which is topped with red onion, chives, parmesan and parma ham.

Flatbread Kamps Backerei

Onion flatbread

At around £3 each, the flatbreads are a bargain. We hear they’re extremely popular for people taking away as you can just grab and go with one in a box.

As for the fresh bread – we tried a traditional German seeded roll and a fabulous sunflower seed covered bagel. As you can see, both were seed-tastic and incredibly soft and fluffy in the middle. Big thumbs up.

Fresh bread, Kamps Bäckerei

Seedtastic bagel and bread rolls are what Kamps does best

Eager to try the brunch menu, I had to get stuck into the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

A colourful dish as you can see. The smoked salmon was pretty good. It could have had a slightly stronger hint of ‘smoke’ and while the eggs weren’t as soft and creamy as I usually prefer and a tad on the rubbery side, Andreas said the menu – and in particular, the eggs – were a work in progress. They’re really keen to hear customer feedback which I think is a brilliant quality to have as a new business. So by the time you visit readers, the eggs may well look a bit different to this! Nonetheless a pretty good brekkie.

Scrambled eggs and Smoked salmon Kamps Bäckerei

Mr OhSo went for the pretzel hotdog. All the feedback you need is that it was gone in seconds. Delish.

Pretzel hotdog Kamps Pretzel hotdog

Pretzel hotdog

Topped with freshly squeezed juice and cups of coffee, we were pretty impressed. Oh, and did we get to sample their cakes? Oh yes we did. We got a lovely selection of treats to take away including a fruit-filled pastry and a Cinnamon Delight (amazing).

Aside from the breads and cakes we ordered, you can also come here for porridge, yoghurt, fresh fruit, salads, cold sandwiches and soups.

Although there’s nothing fancy about Kamps – you can see the interiors are simple, modern and fuss-free – there’s a laid back, authentic feel about it. Most people seem to drop in and take away here, but at the weekend, I’m sure many people take the time to chill out in the seating area downstairs like we did. But however you eat here, you can tell the staff really care about their customers – the proof really is in the pudding (sorry).

Kamps Bäckerei

Kamps Bäckerei

Oh So London was a guest of Kamps Bäckerei – Have you been? Tell us what you think @OhSoLondon.

Kamps Bäckerei Kamps Bäckerei, 154-155 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7NQ / 125 Kensington Arcade, Unit 8, London W8 5SF , 0207 383 4333,


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