Hot Rum Cocktails at Floridita’s Rum Shack

Feeling festive yet? I am. And if there’s one thing I can’t get enough of to get me in the mood for Christmas, it’s a hot spicy cocktail.

I went along to Floridita last week to try out their brand new hot cocktail menu. The Hot Rum Bar is a new addition to the Cuban venue in Wardour Street and it’s here in the newly-opened ‘rum shack’ you can get a variety of hot rum cocktails.

Smoky chocolate cocktailTo start off with, we tried out the smoky chocolate – made from La Hechicera rum, scotch whiskey and a very rich and velvety hot chocolate topped with cinnamon and orange peel. 

I have to say that this one’s incredibly rich so approach with caution. But the cinnamon stick gave it a wonderful festive flavour. Thumbs up.

Next, it was the ‘Barbados Today’ – a five year old rum mixed with Pink Pigeon vanilla rum and a blend of hot tea, honey, cloves, cinnamon and lemon juice.

For anyone who’s full of cold and fancies something a bit stronger than a lemsip I think this could be just the tonic. But despite the lemsip-like flavours it was actually nicely citrusy, refreshing and warming. It will warm you up from head to toe, without a doubt.

And, by the time it came out, we were on to the sweet canopes which arrived in the form of delicious mini cheesecakes – so indulgent but oh so delicious.

Barbados Today cocktailWe didn’t get to try the other four cocktails on the menu as it was a school night and the very busy mixologist was tying things up.

But if you get to go, check out some of the others on offer. They all sound lip-smackingly yummy and will satisfy anyone looking for something Christmassy and warming.

And did I mention the fire? Floridita have also included one or two literally ‘flaming’ rum cocktails which are infused with smokey flavours using real flames.

I managed to grab some pics of the barman preparing them. I thought the rum shack was going to catch fire.

It was quite a spectacle.

Check him out…

Floridita flaming cocktails

Floridita flaming cocktails

Our night was also made a bit more special by one of the most incredible live guitar acts I’ve seen in a long time. Michael Jackson, Queen, Adele, you name it. Singer songwriter Daryl Kellie was up on the Floridita stage and entertained us throughout our cocktail tasting with some of the most incredible covers I’ve ever heard.

Using his guitar as percussion to create the rhythm, he added in his own vocals now and again and had the audience completely captivated.

You’ve got to see him to believe it so look out for Daryl’s next gig . Or even, check him out on YouTube. You’ll be impressed.

I love Floridita. With its very classy and glitzy style, Cuban flair and fab cocktails, it’s one of Soho’s best dance and cocktail venues by far.


Floridita Soho

Floridita Soho

Rum shack Floridita

Here’s to Floridita, festive nights, cool undiscovered artists and of course.. hot rum.

Until next time x

FloriditaOh So London was a guest of:

Floridita, 100 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TN

0207 314 4000