Food Onboard The Silverwind Cruise Ship

It’s been a good few weeks since I told you about my trip onboard the Silverwind cruise ship. I gave you the low down on the wonderful welcome we got, the fabulous sail-away cocktails from the port of Civitavecchia and the traditional yet elegant mid-veranda suites we stayed in. Read about all that here

But now I’m going to tell you about the food scene onboard a Silverwind ship. As mentioned before, these cruise ships are much more scaled down than the gigantic mass catering beasts you see cruising the Med.

Silversea aims for more personalised service that’s high end but not too stuffy. And while there is the very formal Le Champagne (Relais & Châteaux) restaurant on board, you can mix this up with some other more relaxed dining options, if you want to vary your cruise experience.

1. Silverwind Pool Bar and Grill

Good for: Pina coladas, caesar salads and skewers by day, & novel al fresco Black Rock Grill experience by night

Don’t go If: You want a formal dining experience or if it’s windy – the hot oil from the sizzling steaks and fish will be carried by the wind and onto your skin. Ouch.

Silverwind Silversea cruise

The pool bar as expected, is situated on top deck, next to the pool and sun loungers. This is where we were served an epic selection of canopés when we first set sail. And as the food onboard Silverwind is all inclusive (bar the Relais & Châteaux restaurant) it proved to be our foodie vice. Every time our stomachs produced the slightest of rumbles we were right at the pool bar ordering fantastic chicken skewers, Caprese and Caesar salads and other light bites.

Silverwind Silversea

Silverwind cruise ship

Silverwind cruise ship food

The waiters here also come right to your sun lounger offering a range of bar drinks. Pina colada or refreshing granita while you soak up the sun? You got it. No need to lift a finger.

Silverwind cruise ship

By day, they offer a salad bar and a few desserts – you can help yourself.

Silverwind pool bar

By night, the fun begins. White table cloths are laid out, electric coloured candles are placed around the glowing pool and The pool bar transforms itself into the Grill.

It just so happened that the night we were booked into the Grill was the boat’s official ‘formal’ night. Ideally it would have been good if this had fallen on the night we were booked into Le Champagne. But still, we put on our fancy cocktail dresses and heels, headed up to top deck, ready for the Black Rock Grill experience.

Like I said, the Grill is great for the al fresco feel. The stars were above, the sea breeze flowing through your hair and the atmosphere is just perfect.

I enjoyed a lovely salmon steak which came out sizzling on a red hot ‘volcanic rock’. Others in the group ordered a variety of steaks, prawns, pork and fish. But this restaurant comes with a pre-warning: if it’s windy, watch out. If the wind’s blowing your way (as it was that night) the hot oil can end up blowing all over you.

Still, the salmon was beautiful and I thought the Grill experience was among the most relaxed on the boat.

Sadly, the lighting was bad so I didn’t get good enough pictures (except for this one provided by Silversea). But I urge anyone to try out the hot rock menu if you’re on any of the Silversea cruises.

Hot rock dining onboard the Silverwind, Silversea cruise

Photos courtesy of Silversea

2. La Terrazza

Good for: Beautiful pre-dinner sunset views, Mediterranean style cuisine and a great wine list

Don’t go if: You don’t like Italian cuisine.

We dined at La Terrazza on our first night.  It has the most Italian/Mediterranean style of food and has both inside and outside dining options for guests.

We were lucky enough to sit al fresco which was great. The waiters also had a cheeky/friendly approach to their service which I liked. Forget stuffy, formal cruise dinners. This was chilled, relaxed and most importantly, pretty damn good food.

Silversea cruise

Photo courtesy of Silversea Cruises

I really don’t think my pictures do it justice but this was honest Italian food with an effortless hint of class. For starters I had the Involtini di Melanzane (eggplant rolls filled with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato and prosciutto under a gratinate Parmesan crust). This was honestly delicious and the perfect starter size. I really think Aubergine is underated and this was a great way of showing how you can transform it into a delicious dish. (see photo top left pic below).

Silverwind La Terrazza

One of the girls in our group ordered the Caprese salad (top right) which was simple yet scrumptious mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and a basil dressing.

The identity of the dish on the bottom left escapes me. It may have been an amuse bouche or gazpacho type soup. Anyhow, you get the idea – this was Mediterranean food with bold tastes.

As for my main – I sidestepped the pasta dishes and went for the Fish of the Day (bottom right). It proved to be a plate of absolute deliciousness – a fillet of seabass served with herbed lemon and roasted vegetables. This was possibly the tastiest dish I had during our entire stay.

For dessert I had the tiramisu – my favourite dessert in the entire world. I have to say it wasn’t the best I’ve tasted…

Silverwind food La Terrazza

..But, it certainly won in the style stakes.

With a great variety of tastes, delicious wine and brilliant service, this was overall, a top-notch dining experience.

3. Le Champagne (Relais & Châteaux)

Good for: Those who appreciate fine dining and a great wine list

Dont Go If: You’d rather go for fuss-free than haute-couture style dining

Our night in the Silverwind’s most formal restaurant was an interesting experience. Nestled in a corner of the very grand Le Champagne, with views onto the water, I certainly felt special to be eating here.

Le Champagne

The waiters were very attentive and we enjoyed a number of different courses presented in a very exquisite way.

I won’t try and remember the name of everything we ate, but my quick snaps I took will give you an idea of the standard here….

Mini appetisers including a cone of fois gras (which I didn’t eat), scallop, mushroom soup…

Appetiser at Le Champagne

Starter of caviar bellinis…

caviar at Le Champagne Silversea

Scallops, which became the base of….

Scallops Le Champagne

… a bouillabaisse which the waiter poured on top.

Bouillabaisse Le Champagne

Deliciously pink lamb…

Lamb at Le Champagne, Silversea cruise

Dessert wise, there were some quite extravagant looking plates at the table. Some of the group opted for a very artistic looking chocolate dish which was served with a gold leaf decoration,

I decided to go for the soufflé and I have to say, it was a great choice. This was honestly the best soufflé I’ve ever tasted. It was warm, gooey, light and fluffy all at once. And for me, it was the highight of the meal.

souffle at Le Champagne

Breakfast wise, there are a few things you can do on the Silverwind.

I opted for room service one morning which was a great way to wake up and enjoy the view from my balcony.

Breakfast on Silverwind

The brioche type dish with fruit was good…

Brioche on Silverwind

..And tastes even better when it’s served with this beautiful sunrise…

Morning view from Silverwind

On my final morning onboard the Silverwind I then tried out the breakfast buffet which was a mix of omelettes, fruit, cereals and traditional cooked breakfast.

Breakfast omelette on Silverwind

Breakfast buffet Silverwind

This is just a brief lowdown on the food scene onboard the Silverwind, but hopefully you’ll see that the options are pretty good if you’re considering a trip of this kind.

While I preferred the fuss-free Mediterranean style food of Le Terrazza to the fine dining scene of Le Champagne, this is one trip where you can enjoy a different style of cuisine each night.

Great sunsets and ocean views included.

Until next time x

For more information on Silverwind cruise ships click here

This was trip was hosted by Silversea Cruises. All opinions here are my own.