River Thames Festival: Butlers Wharf Blackout

It’s an iconic London landmark and the location of many memorable events (remember the amazing Diamond Jubilee Pageant?) Yet have you ever imagined what the River Thames view would be like without the dazzling city lights that surround it?

The Butler’s Wharf Blackout is offering a rare opportunity to experience exactly that. As part of the London Thames Festival, visitors can see an unspoilt view of the river Thames as well as experience some weird and wonderful foodie experiences…all in the dark! 

I love the sound of this event. Joining the Butlers Wharf Blackout is D&D restaurants who own riverside venues Le Pont de La Tour, Cantina del Ponte, Blueprint Café and Butler’s Wharf Chophouse.

Blackout Banquet wine tasting LondonAll four restaurants will be turning off their electricity from 8.30pm each night during the ten-day festival. There’ll be nothing but very subtle candlelight and unspoilt views of the river.

Diners should be prepared to have their senses challenged too. Because each venue has their own calendar of ‘blind’ food and drink events. Blind wine tasting anyone? Head to Le Pont de La Tour on the 14th where they’ll offer a selection of wines from their famous wine cellar, served in blacked-out wineglasses to heighten your senses.

Or fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie? Book in for the Blackout Banqueta pop-up banqueting table that spans the riverbank. Here, up to 140 diners can enjoy food from a special rotating menu each night (and some lunchtimes) which includes dishes from all the D&D riverside restaurants.

Black Lentils with Sour Cream, Blackened Orchard Farm Pork with Black Potatoes and Liquorice Parfait and London Cure Salmon are just some of the highlights of the Blackout Banquet menu.

Prices at individual restaurants vary from £25-£30 for three courses and the ‘Blackout Banquet’ costs £35 per head for three courses.

There’ll also be blindfold dinners, fire flambé menus, bespoke cocktail menus and innovative special effects that will light the darkness with neon, LED and laser lighting.

Feeling adventurous? There’ll also be a silent disco, silent cinema, ghost tours and plenty of other activities too.

With an overhead cover too to cater come rain or shine, this seems like a great opportunity to celebrate London’s great river.

Tempted? We are. 

Until next time x

Blackout Banquet LondonThe London Thames Festival, 6th-15th September. To book the Blackout Banquet call: 0207 940 1833.