ASK Italian: Making Panzerottinis with Theo Randall

Today I had the privilege of meeting celebrity chef Theo Randall with some fellow journalists at the Ask Italian restaurant in Paddington.

Theo has appeared on the likes of Celebrity Masterchef, Saturday Kitchen and owns the Theo Randall Italian restaurant at London’s Intercontinental hotel. And when he’s not doing that, he’s inspiring the menu of ASK Italian – one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the UK.

I got to interview the man himself (interview write up coming soon!) but first, I’m going to tell you about Panzerottinis – one of the newest additions to ASK Italian’s new menu.

If you haven’t had a panzerottini before, you haven’t lived! Theo got the inspiration to add these to ASK Italian’s menu while visiting a family run restaurant in Naples, Italy.

Put simply, a panzerottini is a ball of dough filled with all sorts of filings. At the event yesterday in the Spring Street restaurant, Paddington, we got to make some ourselves. With the help of one of the restaurant’s top chefs, Fari, we created these yummy dough balls and filled them with chilli, pancetta and Fontal (Fontina) cheese.

Theo Randall Ask Italian restaurant

ASK Italian

ASK Italian Theo Randall

After being cooked in the pizza oven, these doughy balls of flavours were brought out for us to eat. They were simply delicious and a fine example of why simple, fresh Italian cuisine is unbeatable.

More news from my trip to ASK Italian coming very soon…


    • 14th August 2013 / 11:19 am

      Just love them. Must try make these at home ;)