Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games: Olympic Park

Today, we were lucky enough to go to the Anniversary Games – a celebration of the 2012 Olympics one year on.

We bought our tickets back in April for the Sunday games. This gave us the chance to see some of the Paralympic champions from last year, take part in the very athletic events which put them in the limelight last year.

As I didn’t get to even step foot in the grounds last year, I was very excited to see the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford.

Arriving to blue skies filled with big fluffy clouds, it was perfect weather for some great snaps. We took in the sights of the Orbit, the surrounding park and the stadium itself. And with a constant stream of people coming through the gates, there was a great air of anticipation.

Anniversary Games, London

Orbit, Stratford London

Queen Elizabeth stadium, London

After picking up some lunch from the many street food vans lined outside the stadium, we had a couple of beers and then headed to our seats for the main events.

As you can see, we were seated way way way way high up in the stand. But after an hour or so, there were some free seats much closer to all the action. So, it was our lucky day. We went from this view…

Queen Elizabeth stadium, Stratford, London

….to this view..

Queen Elizabeth stadium

From here, we felt like we were much more involved in the excitement and our eyes flitted from the shotput, to the javelin, to the track events.

We were also a stone’s throw from many of the camera crew – some of who managed to catch us and get us on the big screen. (My 2 seconds of fame).

Queen Elizabeth stadium Anniversary Games London

Among the most inspiring events were the partially-sighted 100m events where I was in complete awe of the runners, some of whom where attached to their guides.

Jonathan Peacock also caused a lot of noise in the stadium in the T43/44 100m sprint event. Although the Olympic gold medalist didn’t pick up the winning position this time, it was a great race to watch.

We also loved the big shoots of fire which shot up from each side of the track at the conclusion of each event. They were so hot, we could feel the heat from our seats.

podiums at Queen Elizabeth stadium London

Hannah Cockroft

It was great being seated right in front of the podiums where we watched the athletes receive their medals.

We also got a sneaky peak of Last Leg presenter Alex Brooker, up in some VIP seats.

And with much anticipation, we also watched wheelchair athlete Hannah Cockroft compete and win in the 100m sprint.

She was a great sport and spent aged signing autographs and posing for photographs after the race.

We also had the among the best views when she received her gold medal.

Hannah Cockroft on podium Queen Elizabeth stadium

The run of events ended in an exciting 1500m sprint where David Weir (aka the ‘Weir Wolf’) took an impressive lead where he almost lapped one of the other athletes.

I cannot believe how amazingly fast this guy is. The crowds were cheering with excitement and it was a great way to end the day.

For anyone that didn’t make it inside the Olympic Park last year, the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games was a brilliant chance to experience a similar atmosphere.

What a great weekend – and once again, an inspiring one – thanks to these very inspiring athletes.

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Until next time x