Why Chelsea Girls Love BarreCore: Ballet-inspired Fitness

Ballerina legs

I’m always on the lookout for ways to mix up my fitness regime. So I was interested to find out more about Barrecore fitness – an LA-born fitness trend which has now hit London. Ever since the Made In Chelsea girls visited the studios, it’s had Chelsea girls, celebs (and me) flocking down the Kings Road to find out more.

Barrecore – how does it work?

To explain a bit more about how this fitness discipline works, it’s a ballet-inspired class based on ‘small, isometric movements’ using bands, balls, light weights and of course integrating the use of the ballet barre. While I find some exercises like running can cause you to ‘bulk up’, barrecore claims to promote longer and leaner physiques.

Barredance class

The club also does a Barredance class which is a bit like a street/hip hop-inspired dance which uses less of the barre but integrates some of the barrecore principles. I found this class really got the heart pumping and was really fun, taught by some lovely, energetic and morale-boosting choreographers.

Barrecore Mixed class

As for the Barrecore Mixed class – it was a bit more intense, especially if you go for the advanced class. It’s basically a one hour session made up of a short warm up, 10-minute upper body workout, 25 minutes of leg and seat exercises, 20 minutes of core conditioning and five minutes warm down.

It’s easy to write that but the reality? It’s so much harder. The leg and seat exercises are especially hard and have you doing all sorts of squats and balances against the barre, really testing those glutes.

The core conditioning part of the Mixed class is a challenge too. There are lots of crunches and sit ups which really test your abdominal muscles.

Barrecore: The founder

The club was founded by Niki Rein – personal trainer and barre-extraordinaire. She worked at Tracy Anderson Method in California. And if you know anything about Tracy Anderson and her ‘metamorphosis’ discipline, you’ll know she’s trained the likes of Madonna, Lara Stone, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow.

I have to say, my sessions at Barrecore have definitely helped me vary my training a bit and wow, did I ache the next day, so you’ll definitely feel the burn.

It’s tucked away behind M&S on the Kings Road in Atlantic Court and the studios are really lovely.

Barrecore classes start from around £28 or you can get monthly membership from around £175 per month.

Barrecore ChelseaBarrecore Studio, Atlantic Court, 77 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 4NX, 0207 349 7500

Nearest tube: Sloane Square or South Kensington

Visit their website, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, twitter.