Levi Roots’ Top Five Cheap and Easy BBQ Recipes

So after meeting Levi Roots at the launch of the Big Lunch earlier this week, I now have his top five Caribbean inspired BBQ recipes which feature in his new book, ‘Grill It With Levi’ and all cost under a fiver!

It was great to be part of this get together at Loughborough Junction on behalf of Oh So London. It really highlighted the importance of supporting London’s communities.

Loughborough Junction has been known for problems with crime, social exclusion and deprivation, which is why we should support positive events like the Big Lunch, which takes places across the whole country on June 3.

Levi Roots, The Big Lunch, Marcus Lipton youth centre, Loughborough Junction, London

Every Caribbean cook should use these *holds up Scotch Bonnet*, (or perhaps it’s a chilli!)

Everyone can get involved. You just need to go onto the website to find a Big Lunch event near you. It’s basically a day where community members come together and cook. It gives them a chance to socialise, learn new cookery skills and maintain a cohesive community vibe.

So on Monday, we all gathered round Levi at the Marcus Lipton youth centre where he did a demo of his top five BBQ recipes which are cheap to prepare and easy to do. Of course, Levi is Jamaican-born so many of them are Caribbean-inspired, with a bit of scotch bonnet thrown in here and a dash of Reggae Reggae sauce added in there!

Some of the community members came along and the event, supported by the Eden project, even donated the barbecue to the residents once Levi was done.

So, after Levi, the ‘dragon slayer’ rolled up his sleeves and de-blinged (!) this is what he made. I love Caribbean food so I was especially inspired to try them at home.

Click on the links to find the recipes:

Hot ‘n’ Cheesy Potato Skins                                     

Hot 'n' cheesy potato skins

Chilli Tomato Toasts 

Levi Roots' Chilli TomatoToasts

Haloumi, Melon and Mint Salsa Wraps  


BBQ Sweetcorn with Flavoured Butters    

Levi Roots' BBQ Sweetcorn with Flavoured Butters


 Roasted Treacle Toffee Bananas

Roasted Treacle Toffee Bananas

Levi Roots - Grill It With Levi recipe book

Levi’s Five Recipes for a Fiver are based on recipes from Levi Roots’ new cookbook, Grill It With Levi, published by Ebury Press, price £18.99. 


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