London Marathon – The Capital unites in Strength

I didn’t know what to expect at this year’s London marathon after the horrific bomb attack in Boston. The 26.2 mile challenge is such a celebrated running event in the capital. I’m always keen to pack my picnic and spend the day being part of such an ¬†exciting and inspiring British sporting event.

So despite the air of sadness which tainted the 2013 race following the tragic loss of lives and shattered families in America, I decided to show my support and take some pictures for Oh So London. And I’m so glad I did, because just spending a few hours taking in the buzzy atmosphere 300 yards from the finish line, reminded me of the hard work and inspiring good will of the wonderful people who take part.

Had I been a few feet taller, (and got up a few hours earlier), I might have been in the perfect spot to grab some great photos. Alas, I’m only 5 foot 5, and had a few spectators in front of me. That said, with the help of my iPhone and compact camera, I managed to snap a fairly good selection of images, illustrating the sheer determination of those taking part. I was blown away by how by age, disability and the most daring charity outfits fail to hinder the mission to complete such a feat.

Others were almost completely overcome with exhaustion, buckling at the knees and almost begging for encouragement from the crowds. One man was so exhausted he looked completely disorientated, stumbling from side to side like he was drunk. There were also blind competitors, bravely taking part by being attached to a guide. And then of course there were the fun runners who ran dressed in gorilla-outfits, mankinis, tutus, and as smurfs.  Others simply wore their best running gear and sported arm bands in memory of the people in Boston who lost their lives.

All in all there were laughs, tears and a united spirit of strength. After a minute’s silence at the start line to remember the lost lives in Boston, people refused to be beaten by the evil events six days before.

It felt wonderful being part of a united front against the terrorists who so tragically took away innocent peoples’ lives. The marathon runners should be very proud of what they achieved.

And as one of the many thousands of spectators who attended, I’m proud to have been a part of such an emotional and inspiring day.

Until next time x