A Sweet Visit to the Dean Street Townhouse

We visit the Dean Street Townhouse, otherwise known as the Tate & Lyle Tasting House…

When I opened the front door, a garland of wooden spoons were draped across the hallway. The walls were adorned with macarons and beautiful cakes of every colour filled each room. Oh, and the bedroom was home to a popcorn-filled bath and multi-coloured meringue rug.

Who lives in a house like this?

Dean Street Town House

Dean Street Town House

It might seem like the real life version of Hansel and Gretel, but in truth, this is a ‘cake hotel’ made by the team behind Tate and Lyle sugar. With the help of 14 cake makers and 600 kilos of Taste Experience Sugar, they’d transformed part of the Dean Street Townhouse in Soho, into a wonderful cake hotel.

The event was on for just three days, so I was quick to get down there to experience this sugar-lover’s dream.

After an introduction to the eight different types of the new Taste Experience sugar range, I was given a map of the three storey Dean Street Townhouse where I was going to find a series of themed rooms based on regions across the world.

Dean Street Town House

Could we eat the cake? Well, the answer was, mostly yes. If the cake displayed an ‘Eat Me’ sign, you could nibble until your heart was content. Other, more special pieces of cake-art seemed too spectacular to spoil. I wasn’t sure whether Miss Cakehead and her team of 14 cake artists who designed the sugary hotel would have appreciated me biting a big chunk out of the beautiful cake turtle that sat in the Barbados room. But with enough cupcakes, treacle sponge, chocolate brownies and macarons to feed an army, I was happy to satisfy my sweet tooth in other ways. Here are some of the best bits…

The British Room

Tate and Lyle Tasting House

Carribean Inspired…

Dean Street Townhouse


Tate and Lyle Tasting House

Mississippi inspired:

Tate and Lyle Tasting House

And here are the amazing facts about the Dean Street Townhouses’s cake-hotel:

– 100 pieces of edible art fill the hotel

-2,000 macarons adorn the walls

-1,081 meringues were hand stitched together to make the rug

-entire windowsills were made from fudge

-there are even edible books in the bedroom!

-2,000 hours were spent baking the delicious features

-900 hours were spent decorating the cakes

I left the Dean Street Townhouse feeling absolutely amazed. This must have been an incredible feat for Miss Cakehead and her team to make a reality. But it was definitely worth it. Walking through Soho with a slightly skippy heart from the sugar rush of brownies, macarons and cake, I felt very excited to have experienced such a wonderful piece of food-art. I’m definitely digging out the baking books this weekend….


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