Penny farthing espresso! They had me at farthing!

OK, calm yourself son. A cafe with bikes built into it! Brilliant!

I drove down the Northcote main street with a certain excitement and a certain dread that I wouldn’t like it. I shouldn’t have been worried. Well not about the coffee at least…

It’s a fairly nondescript place from the outside. In fact I almost walked past. But once inside you are treated to Penny Farthing paraphernalia and the smell of a lovely brew!

Cappuccino is the order for the day. I go for a walk first to check the surrounds. They have a lovely outdoor fresco area out the back as well as a partially covered area that would be lovely on a nice day. The entrance is well decorated and I am entranced with all the bike gear.

Our coffee comes out and it smells great. The first sip is a bit florally, the taste is divine. There is a bit of a nutty flavour to itwhich is fantastic. There is a slight grit but nothing to worry too much about. Probably a good clean of the espresso machine is in order. I look at my lovely companion who shares my smile.



A massive bonus of Penny is that there is free WIFI here too! Something that ids severely lacking in most Melbourne caf├ęs! We ask for the password…there is no password. Love it. Simple.

To eat we have the soup of the day… $15 later and I am pretty unsatisfied. Soup should never be more than $10. Ever. It was small but tasty but for $15 I shouldn’t still feel like I need to eat. A slight smudge on Penny..

We are so happy with our first brew we order a second. It’s just as delightful. The wait staff are smiley and certainly in the right spot with a very hipster look going on. They make me happy.



It is a great first visit, I will certainly be returning. Just for the coffee… :-)

Coffee 4.5 passport stamps

Food 2.5 passport stamps

Feel 4 passport stamps

Staff 4 passport stamps

Value 2.5 passport stamps

AVERAGE 3.5 PASSPORT STAMPS= A 3 week bike trip around NZ

Penny Farthing Espresso on Urbanspoon



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