A Bliss Out Brazil Honeymoon Part 3: A Stay at Vila Galé Hotel Cumbuco & Dune Adventures

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In the third and final part of our Bliss Out Brazil Honeymoon features, we visit Vila Galé Cumbuco and share the high-adrenaline adventures that honeymoon couples can enjoy in this paradise corner of Brazil…

Vila Galé Cumbuco provides the luxuries and all-inclusive home comforts that many honeymooners are looking for. The hotel blocks are sleek and contemporary yet manage to counteract the vastness of a large all-inclusive complex with lush gardens, low level bungalows with hammocks and water features that run through the resort.

Honeymoon couples can enjoy chocolates, flowers and champagne in their room and toast their wedding with caipirinhas at the swim-up bar in the lovely pool. Happy holidaymakers get increasingly jolly as the day goes on. But there’s something a little more relaxed than some of the large all-inclusive resorts, especially if you go out of season.

Vila Gale Cumbuco

Cumbuco Brazil

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

For a real sense of escapism, take a short stroll past darting iguanas on the wooden walkway to find the stunning Cumbuco Beach where buggies zip over the sand dunes in the distance.

Vila Gale Hotel Cumbuco

Again, if you’re there during the earlier, quieter months of the summer, you’ll find many of the sun beds are empty, and you have this dreamy stretch of sand and the crashing waves all to yourself.

Cumbuco Beach

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

Cumbuco beach

Dune Adventures

Honeymoon couples looking for adrenaline-fuelled adventure, will be right at home in Cumbuco. Once you see those bright yellow 4×4 jeeps whizzing down the long stretches of sand, your curious side will take over. And if you speak to the desk at Vila Galé, they can organise for you to take a hair-raising tour over Cumbuco’s spectacular dunes.

Dune Buggy Cumbuco, Fortaleza

Word of warning, these jeeps are open top at the back so unless you manage to grab the front seat, it’s down to how tightly you can grip the bar as your perch on for dear life. (These guys only know high speed). This white-knuckle ride takes you through spellbinding dunes and the lagoons of Parnamirim, Águas Crislatinas and Cauípe, fringed by rolling green mountains.

Once you’re in the middle of these mesmerising golden mounds, you can stop off to feel your feet back on solid earth. That feeling’s momentary though, as two more knee-quivering experiences are put before you – a vertiginous zip-line or steep hillside slide into the beautiful Águas Crislatinas lagoons.

Banana Lagoon, Brazil

Cumbuco Brazil

ziplining Brazil

But make sure you and your partner try the ski-bunda – basically a sit-down wooden surfboard made for sand.

Trying to pick up enough speed to make it to the water is the challenge, but it’s one of the most surprisingly addictive sand ‘sports’ you’ll try. And the views over Parnamirim lagoon are incredible.

Ski-bunda Cumbuco

ski-bunda Cumbuco

Watch the person on the left as they make it the full way into the lagoon…

After more heart-thumping dune bashing, the end of the dune safari takes a much more serene ending. You’re driven up to the most dreamy Cauípe lagoons where the kite surfing and windsurfing takes place.

You can see why this is such a beautiful spot for honeymooners – with twinkling water, sea views and swaying palm trees. And it gives you a chance to catch your breath after all that high speed action.

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

Brazil Honeymoon Oh So Hitched

Spa & Dining

After the adrenaline high of the dunes, the Satsanga SPA at Vila Galé offers a nice way to relax if you can tear yourself away from the beautiful sunshine. The spa has an indoor pool, treatment rooms, steam and sauna, and they can offer special packages for couples on honeymoon.

Being an all inclusive resort, the food options here are pretty good. Vila Galé has four restaurants that all vary in style. So one afternoon you could be dining on freshly barbequed steaks from the al fresco poolside restaurant. Then by evening, you could be dining in the buffet restaurant where you’ll find an ever-changing theme of menus (including traditional Brazilian).

If you want to escape the crowds and go a little bit upscale, the Inevitável Restaurant offers an a la carte menu of Asian and Mediterranean inspired cuisine.

Brazil Honeymoon Oh So Hitched

© Embratur / Brazilian Tourist Board

If you didn’t catch any forró music in Fortaleza, these beguiling folklore ‘acts’ often make an appearance in the hotel’s evening entertainment. When in character, a trio of kooky characters in white make-up form a great part of the hotel’s entertainment and gives you a little bit of insight into the Ceará’s folklore. 

Honeymoon in Brazil Oh So Hitched

If you’re a couple who likes to travel to a destination that is colourful and real, then Brazil will certainly get into your soul.

Dune buggy rides: Prices for a 3-hour dune buggy excursion with Cumbuco buggy co-operative start from R$260,00. This includes a buggy ride circuit within the Dunes, a visit to the Parnamirim lagoon with sand slides, and a stop at Águas Crislatinas for zip lining and Cauípe lagoons. A half trip (1.5 hour excursion) costs R$220,00 and includes a buggy ride circuit within the Dunes, Águas Crislatinas lagoon for zipline and sand slides and a stop at Cauípe lagoon. All trips can be booked at the Vila Gale hotel reception desk.

Stay: Hotel Vila Galé Cumbuco, an all-inclusive resort, is less than an hour’s drive from Praia do Lagoinha and around 30km from Fortaleza. Situated by rolling sand dunes, it rests on the beautiful beach of Cumbuco and is famous for its sand dune rides, watersports and beautiful Banana and Parnamirim lagoons. Prices start from £119 per room per night on an all-inclusive basis. Find more information, including information on your Brazil honeymoon options, visit www.vilagale.com.

For those staying in the city, Hotel Vila Galé Fortaleza is located on the famous Futuro Beach. Prices starts from £50 per room per night on a bed and breakfast basis. Find more information visit www.vilagale.com.

Fly: TAP Portugal flies from London Heathrow to Fortaleza seven times a week. Prices start at £702 return including all taxes and surcharges. For further information, visit www.flytap.com or call 0345 601 0932.

Transfers: For airport transfers and transport between Fortaleza and Cumbuco, try Ernanitur.com.br

Tourist info: Find more info about Brazil on the Tourist Board website, Visitbrasil.com